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Temple of Prelate Nikolay Chudotvortsa

            The orthodox Temple of Prelate Nikolay Chudotvortsa (the Wonderworker) in village Ljamtsino with Saint Kyril's limit Beloezersky (Russia, Moscow Region) has been constructed in honour of one of the most esteemed in Russia sacred – in honour of Prelate Nikolay Chudotvortsa.
            Exact date of construction of a temple to us is not known, but the first remained mentions are dated 1534. Then the temple was wooden.  White-stone, nowadays existing temple of village Ljamtsino, is constructed in 1790-1794.
In 1856 the brick warm limit for the sake of Saint Kyril Beloezerskogo has been built up, and in 1877 the temple has been enclosed by a fencing of surprising beauty. Historical sources testify that the church fencing has been made with the big skill.
On memoirs of old residents, the temple differed riches of utensils and a magnificent iconostasis. Inside the temple was decorated by icons with silver salaries, and over frater the small belltower with tent top and four bells towered, including the big bells is powerful 323 poods and 200 poods of 36 pounds.
            Archpriest Ivan Nikolaevich Voskresensky was last prior of a temple since 1911 and before its closing in 1936.
            In years  theomachist the authorities the temple of Prelate Nikolay Chudotvortsa (the Wonderworker) has been ruined. Its destiny is similar to destinies of the majority of the Russian temples and monasteries: plunder and desecration of relics, references and executions of priests and monks,  dropping crosses and bells … In 1922 from a temple have taken out the silver salaries of icon of Christ not made by hands, the Kazanskaja and Vladimirskaja icons of God's Mother, and also crosses, icon lamps, a censer – all silver utensils is powerful 12 kg.
            In 1936 a temple have closed, from a belltower have dumped the biggest bell calling all to district on divine services. However it has not broken up, and has left on metre in the earth. Under stories of eyewitnesses to dig out a bell and to break its hammer of the power have employed drunkards as all sane people have refused such mean business. Have then dumped other bells, have destroyed a belltower, the majority of icons have taken out, and to the iconostasis rest have set fire. Only some icons to local residents managed to be rescued from fire and to keep in the houses. A cemetery surrounding a temple, have levelled with the earth. Archpriest I.N.Voskresensky has been arrested and banished. After returning from the reference it is sent in a city Petushki of Moscow Region where has died.
            In an altar part of a temple have arranged a warehouse of chemical fertilizers. The temple decayed, collapsed, and gradually from it there were only ruins. At this particular time to it have appropriated the status of "a monument of architecture of republican value».
            Restoration of an ancient relic has begun in 1994 under the direction of the prior of a temple of archpriest Alexander Trushina. Many forces were put by people on favour of God's to temple restoration. Thanks all who with a name of the God in heart and on lips helps with this hard business who endows, work and prays! A temple has anew started to paint with frescos. Plaster and paints for frescos prepared under ancient recipes. It is fixed and restored, chetverik it is anew constructed narthex, temple Nikolsky's destroyed altar part is completely built up, the side-altar in honour of Kyril Belozersky is restored and plastered, floors are laid. On temple and side-altar domes poppy-heads with the gilt crosses are erected. The belltower with tent top is built.
            In a temple the sacred throne standing here before revolution, and temple icons is returned: Prelate Nikolay Chudotvortsa (the Wonderworker), Voskresenie Gospodne (The Resurrection of Christ) and others, stored at local residents. In a temple it is a lot of images of the esteemed orthodox sacred.
            The icon Tajnaja Vecherja (the Last Supper) wonderfully remained is returned during a fire – the icon remained untouched fire, Judas person has scorched only. In this event orthodox see a craft Divine.
            The strange story has occurred to the main temple icon of Prelate Nikolay. One parishioner has taken away it to itself home that was very dangerous to all family, and has hidden in a woodpile of fire wood. The husband of the parishioner did not support Christian outlook the of spouse, threatened to find an icon and to split an axe. The woman asked God to keep an icon and asked the husband to support a large supply of fire wood «on a case of strong frosts». Thus, the icon was stored in fire wood more than 60 years and has been rescued. Now this icon is in a temple and on prayers before it many miracles are made.
            Images of the Virgin "Healer" and «Pantanassa with forthcoming sacred», decorated with gifts from received the help on prayers use the big love of parishioners. Many cases of healing are connected with these icons praying, including from oncological diseases.
            In 2006 in a temple myrrh-gusher an image God's Mother "Jerusalem", then began to dry up. Till today this image to be stored in a temple with strongly pronounced dried up drops.
            Except icons particles of hallows are stored in a temple Sacred: Flora i Lavra (Flora and Monastery), Saint Ili Muromtsa, Blazjennoj Matroni (the Blissful Matrona). Many people come to bow to these icons and hallows.
            On July, 31st, 2006 Great consecration of a temple which archbishop Mozhaisk Grigory in concelebration has made clergy of area has taken place.
            At a temple the Sunday school works. Teachers and parishioners conduct the big missionary work, work with children.
            The temple has been restored from ruins after long time of desolation, and restoration works are conducted and now. The temple requires building of Sunday school (house-prichta); fencing building; to painting; lists of walls; an accomplishment of adjoining territory.
            The temple is opened daily. Divine services are made on Saturday, Sunday and to holidays.
            From Moscow very simply to reach Nikolsky of a temple. From the underground Domodedovskaja with an interval of 30 minutes the fixed-route taxi № 404 (m. Domodedovskaja – the Red way) plies. Journey to a stop "village Ljamtsino".


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